Welcome to TheLocalBartender! My name is Vincent Tan, and I worked as a bartender for about two years. I discovered my passion for cocktails and bartending during my time as a bartender, and I decided to set up this website to share my passion. 

Many of us feel intimidated at a bar while ordering a cocktail and may end up just ordering a Gin with Tonic or Cranberry Vodka. On this website, I will talk about the fundamental of Bar-tending, Cocktails and Cocktails Concoction, which will provide you with the basic knowledge of what’s in the cocktail. 

If you live in Singapore and require bar service for private events! Feel free to email me @ thelocalbartender@yahoo.com.sg to find out more! 

 *Do note that the cocktail concoctions are not mine!


One thought on “About

  1. Just happened to stumble by your blog and it had me captivating at the first sight. It’s not a conventional poetry or journal blog, and that’s probably what attracts about it the most.
    Even though I’m not into cocktails and stuff, but the Asian connect and the magnetising look of what you create out there has drawn me into wanting more of it.
    Great going. 🙂

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