Americano 1 Rock Glass (8oz) 30ml Campari 30ml Martini Rosso 1 Club Soda 1 Lemon Slice 1 Cherry Build in and stir well with ice and add lemon slice and cherry.


Liqueur is a type of spirits that has been flavored  with fruit, cream, spices or flower. Sugar or Sweetener are added when bottled. Liqueur is usually used to create cocktails. Here are some of my personal favorite liqueur: Midori Lychee Liqueur Cointreau Kahlua Creme De Banana


Hello people, I’m a 24 year old Singaporean guy living in Singapore found myself lost while searching for my future! In this website I will talk about the fundamental of Bar-tending,Cocktails and Cocktails Concoction! At the same time I do provide bar service for private event! Email me to find out more!