The Various type of Spirits: Gin Gin is made from Juniper Berries. Vodka Gin is made from Potatoes or Grains. Rum Rum is usually distilled from Sugar Cane Tequila Tequila is distilled from Blue Agave plant. Whiskey Whiskey is usually distilled from mash such as barley, wheat and corn. Bourbon American whiskey distilled with atContinue reading “Spirits”

Bartending Techniques

The various Techniques are as followed: Muddling A technique to crush or smash, to release flavor from the fruits or herbs(mint) Measuring Key to achieve a well-balanced cocktail. Pouring A way to measure to achieve a balanced cocktail. Shaking Technique to mix the cocktail and chill it in less than 10 seconds. Stirring Stirring isContinue reading “Bartending Techniques”

Fundamentals of Bartending!

In this post I’m going to introduce some basic equipment that is needed to create a cocktails and the uses of the equipment. They are as followed: Bar-spoon Designed to aid in layering liquid on top of another. Jigger A Jigger is used to measure liquid. Shakers Shaker comes in different style, such as twoContinue reading “Fundamentals of Bartending!”